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Registration has closed

Thank you for your interest in Photoshop Workshop 2010. Registration has closed. For participants who have registered online, course fees are payable upon attendance.

For any further queries, please email us at ntudesigners@gmail.com.

Cancellation of Thursday Slots (Slots E & F)

Due to a logistical issue, we are cancelling the Thursday slots of the Photoshop Workshop.

If you have registered for either slot and have not received an email regarding the cancellation, please contact us at ntudesigners@gmail.com. We guarantee either a spot in the replacement slot of your choice or a full refund.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


About the course:

Many people are interested in using digital media and Adobe Photoshop (‘Photoshop’) is a powerful and user-friendly software that is widely regarded as the benchmark suite in the design industry today.

However, interest does not beget action and most people do not even try the suite due to the exorbitant price tag and complicated dashboard. They hold the wrong impression that advanced digital manipulation skills are needed to produce anything of value on the canvas.

For those that try the software, most are only harnessing a fraction of Photoshop’s capabilities simply because they are not aware of the tools available.

For these two reasons, the Designers’ Club is offering two basic courses this year: Commercial Design and Photo-manipulation. We will provide participants with the fundamental techniques to produce works on Photoshop.

Commercial Design Course

Objective: To teach participants how they can design effective layouts for commercial purposes such as in a poster or name card.

We will be guiding participants through the whole design process, starting from the basics.

1.    Fundamental knowledge include choice of resolution, canvas size etc.

2.    Working with layers for layouts and to produce special effects. This powerful tool will provide participants with unparalleled flexibility in their work.

3.    Typography and font placement will be included to enable participants to use type in their works effectively for a more professional and polished feel.

4.    Arrangement of visual elements will enable participants to optimize the usage of space and content to effectively convey their message through posters and name cards.

Acquiring these fundamental techniques will place participants in good stead to experiment further with the software on their own after the course.

Photo-manipulation Course

Objective: To teach participants how they can edit their photos for greater visual impact, minimize flaws and to get the most out of the digital photography technology today.

1.    Photo flaws such as red eye, overexposure, blur and unbalanced position for the subject in the photo. Using Photoshop’s brushes, smart tools and filters, participants will learn to remove such flaws.

2.    Problems with contrast and colors of photos can be treated with image adjustments to achieve the greatest visual impact

After the course, participants will be confident of editing photos digitally.


The package consists of one commercial design and one photo-editing course. They do not need to be taken on the same day. Please indicate the slots you are interested in at the booth.

Update: (10.11.2010)

Slot A vacancy: Online registration has closed
Slot B vacancy: Online registration has closed
Slot C vacancy: Online registration has closed
Slot D vacancy: Online registration has closed

MSE Computer Lab, N4.1-B1-01

The shortest path

1. Go through from the Student Services Centre
2. Walk to Level 1
3. Find the corridor linking to N4.1, to the lift lobby
4. Take the Lift to B2

The longer path

1. Walk through the corridors from the Northspine to Block N4, Level 1
2. Walk till you see this


Click to see NTU Pixaround

3. Find the corridor linking to N4.1, to the lift lobby
4. Take the Lift to B2

Another view:


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an e-mail at ntudesigners@gmail.com, or comment on this post.
Some directional signs will be put around the area, so do keep a lookout for them!

Hope to see you there!

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